Harvest Craft wants to implement simple solutions that impact and mitigate complex problems, problems that encompass a healthy lifestyle. We want to radically love people and impact their lives and community in 5 areas of need.




We desire to produce healthy, locally grown and sustainably raised food. 



We strive to bring people together working towards a common goal of empowerment.



Our agricultural systems are designed to be regenerative and env. conscious.



 Investing in education is investing in a new generation and a hopeful future.



Economic development is key to eradicating poverty. This is the start of change.


Institutional Sustainability

The institutional sustainability model focuses on equipping pre-existing organizations and institutions with food production systems. The organizations and institutions we aim to equip and consult for include: orphanages, community centers, churches, schools, universities, and most recently, a sex trafficking rehabilitation center. 

The goal of these systems are to provide a myriad of benefits to the staff, students, orphans, and programs at these facilities. These benefits include food and feeding budget subsidization, vocational training, agricultural research and education, and opportunities for community strengthening interactions and therapy. 

Communal Development - "Without Walls"

As we began to partner with these institutions around the world, we started to feel a desire to help those outside the sphere of influence these organizations had. We wanted to help those outside of current existing aid, we wanted to help those beyond the walls of our partner's compounds, those "Without Walls."

We begin by investigating and researching for a best-fit production system in the community with ambitious and dedicated members who want to participate. We respect local knowledge and want to hear from experts and experienced farmers in the region on what grows best or is culturally acceptable. We then implement the program and train locals on how to both operate a business and take care of the targeted crops or animals. 

The income will pay salaries and maintain a sustainable business. Any additional profits are re-invested into micro-finance programs, expansions, or new projects that will benefit additional community members.