What Drives Us   

Harvest Craft's mission is to equip, educate, and empower communities in developing countries through sustainable food production systems.            

Our heart behind Harvest Craft stemmed from a desire to do developmental work effectively and holistically. We wanted to stop the handout culture, and to empower people overseas. At its core it's economic development; but it has become so much more than that. Through the success of projects, we have learned that when you are able to take care of basic essential needs, the possibilities are endless. 


    Environmental stewardship

    Social Justice


    Our Founders

    Check out the story behind Harvest Craft here. 


    Co-Founder & CEO

    Brendon Anthony 

    Brendon is currently a Professor of Biological and Environmental sciences at Biola University. He earned his Master's of Science in Horticulture from Washington State University, and received his Bachelors of Science at Biola University in Environmental Sciences. He also received a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture from WSU. His areas of research include: fruit tree physiology, orchard management and sustainable food systems.


    Co-Founder & COO

    Craig Erickson 

    Craig received his Bachelors degree at Biola University in Intercultural Studies and currently lives full time in Haiti working and operating with local farmers in the area. Craig has taken courses in Agroecological Design, Permaculture, and Graduate courses in Reforestation. He continues to travel the world consulting on agricultural production systems. His areas of research include: watershed restoration and development.


    Our Team 

    Check out our awesome Board of Directors here


    Chief Development Officer

    Geoff Bishop

    Degree: Environmental Science

    Favorite vegetable: Carrot, you don’t see what’s being grown, but when you pick it you uncover the beauty of it. 



    Marci Hohner

    Degree: Digital Technology and Culture & Fine Arts

    Favorite vegetable: Cucumbers because they go on Greek food, which makes my world go 'round.


    Director of events

    Macy Utley

    Degree: Communications, Emphasis in Public Relations

    Favorite vegetable: Pumpkins, because without them pumpkin spice wouldn't be possible.


    Director of Finances

    Brock Hansen

    Degree: Accounting & Masters of Professional Accountancy

    Favorite Vegetable: An onion because it makes the whole house smell good when you cook with it!


    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Martin Gravely

    Degree: Marketing & Economics 

    Favorite Vegetable: Red peppers, they're virtually the only vegetable I eat in college. 

    DIRECTOR OF MArketing

    Sam Becker-Miyadai

    Degree: Business Marketing

    Favorite vegetable: Ginger - I like it because of its versatility. It is sweet but spicy, what I aspire to be!  


     Director of Human Relations

    Rebecca Jane Purdy 

    Degree: Intercultural Studies 

    Favorite vegetable:  Zucchini.  It's full of sweet memories of childhood and summer evenings. 

    From the Blog

    Get Involved! 

    Types of Volunteers needed:

    • Grant Writers

    • Event Planners

    • Construction Builders for Local Projects* 

    • Photographers

    • Social Media Marketing

    • Copywriters