Hurricane Matthew 7for6 Campaign

Our 7for6 Campaign was a huge success! We set a goal of $3,000 to aid in helping repair and re-purchase pigs at our community project in Les Cayes, Haiti. We didn't want the effects of Hurricane Matthew to keep this project from continuing to thrive and support the 5 families that are involved.

Well, 119 donors later, we raised $4,404, completely shattering our initial goal! Thank you all so much for your contributions and support! The money is being sent down to make the necessary repairs and help keep this project running without missing a beat. On behalf of Harvest Craft, and our partners in Haiti, we are truly grateful for your generosity! 

If you still wish to help in a financial way, we have started a relief fund that will go to helping farmers in that area re-plant their fields and trees that were destroyed from the catastrophic storm. This is another immediate need with many reports stating that in a few months time, a future food crisis is coming. 

The finances were sent down last week and the repairs and rebuilding is currently in process. The piggery roof was covered with palm fronds in the short term to protect the pigs against the heat and intense sun. The roof, the fence, and the farm house will all be fixed here shortly!

In the wake of the hurricane, a lot of the livestock in the area were killed as well, so the pig purchasing will take place once the livestock markets resurface. With the extra allotted money we're hoping to buy more than just 6 pigs. We're also going to be expanding this project to include chickens too.

So we got what we asked for. Not just sufficiency, but abundance! This means not only is this project not having to skip a beat, and not needing to lay off employees, it means it's going to come back better than ever and actually employ and impact more families in this community!