In November of 2013, the first international project was constructed in a town called Rojo Gomez, Mexico, just 30 minutes east of Tijuana, in partnership with Mariners Outreach. We installed an aquaponic farm with hopes to expand into other locations down there with continual projects. We held a training seminar for over 20 of the local community members that will help in the management and curation of this farm. Harvest Craft's goal is to be able to promote a healthier diet for malnourished children in the area, along with employing some of the local community leaders.  

 The produce from the farm gets directly implemented into the breakfast program they have in their community. This helps feed the kids every morning before they go to school and directly benefits them in excelling their academic performance. 

After a few harvests over the past year, we have seen that aquaponics can be a definite solution to feeding the kids and raising revenue for subsidizing the rest of the costs. We have now established a larger farm in the Spring of 2015. This new system generates enough food for employment and subsidizing the breakfast program with healthy produce. We want to see this system be profitable enough to employ more members in the community and expand to other locations nearby.

 We currently make monthly trips to ensure the success of this project and we aim to continue to do so until we feel the community can sustainably run this business. Our hopes are to slowly step back and give this fully over to the locals there. We are excited to provide this community with both healthy food and jobs, and we need your support!