Sponsor a Research Center Technician

Suggested donation: $250. Technician duties include tree propagation, land shaping, and crop management. The money will be used to employ and train these technicians to enable research onsite to solve local agricultural problems. Technicians are selected off of dependability and eagerness to learn and implement these techniques in their farmer co-ops.   

Sponsor a Farmer Co-op Training

Suggested Donation: $500 per Quarterly Meeting. Meetings will include hosting local farmers for a lunch and training seminar. Funds will be used to purchase the food and pay a stipend for the speaker and the kitchen and cooking staff. This will allow education, community building, farmer collaboration/networking, and local employment of cooks.

Donate Your Next Special Event

Help fundraise! Your next birthday, office party, your concert, wedding givings

Get the neighborhood, office, wedding party or church group together for supporting a lasting cause to keep the party going on longer than your event. If you are interested in giving in this generous fashion email at macy.utley@harvestcraft.org. We will help you setup your dedicated Funraise campaign link.