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Hurricane Matthew Relief Campaign: 7for6

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, our "Without Walls"  Community Development Project in Les Cayes, Haiti was hit hard. The community, the families it helps, our employees, and the pigs themselves have been distressed and affected. This project provides food, jobs and economic development for this community through a micro-finance program.

Needless to say, the pigs are the vital component to this project's success. Hurricane Matthew's direct impact on the nation's South Providence ended up killing 6 of our pigs. In addition, we've also received updates that the roof of the facility has completely blown off, and the guard house we have on site has been damaged. Therefore, in order to maintain the sustainability of this project, our employee's job security and thus their ability to support their families and children, we have started this Campaign, "7for6."

"It was only $7 but hey I would've probably spent that on coffee or something else!"
- University Senior Undergraduate

Simply put, we're asking everyone to contribute $7 for the 6 replacement pigs. 

We've set a goal at $3,000.

1 Piglet = $100
1 Mature Pig (Sold at Maturity) = $500
6 x 500 = 3,000
Therefore, the retail and real impact on this project from the loss of pigs is $3,000!

We will continue to fundraise for additional construction repairs on site and with the hope of expanding the project.
We don't want to respond with sufficiency, but abundance.
e want to not just replace what was lost, but double down and provide exceedingly more moving forward!

Contribute by clicking the button below and help this project not skip a beat!
Every dollar counts!

Donate $7 Now

See what the project is all about and who it impacts below...

Les Cayes Pigery | Project Staff Profiles

Behind Every Person is a Family, a Story and an Impact

 Biola University 
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   Antoine Pierre Belance


Age: 45Yrs.
Profession: Agronomist.
Marital Status: Single.
Project Impact: Both his Elderly Parents have testified of the great help that their only beloved Son Belance has been able to offer. Especially at their home front ever since he began working with the Charlotte Project in February 2016.

Regis Marie

Age: 50Yrs.
Role: Animal Husbandry.
Marital Status: Married & with 3 Young Adult Children.

PROJECT IMPACT: Both her husband and the Children did attest to the fact their Mother's involvement with the Charlotte Project has really improved issues in their home all around.

Her Family is pictured here below!

IMG_0074 (1).jpg
IMG_0075 (1).jpg


Age: 47Yrs.
Role: Animal Husbandry and Masonry Assistant.
Marital Status: Married & with three Teenage Children.

Project Impact: Adony's wife gladly testifies that her husband's involvement with the Project has also boosted her small-scale business immensely. This is because her husband has been boosting her up by increasing her operational capital with part of his Salary from the Project.

The Children are so happy that the lifestyle at home has been improving tremendously ever since their Dad begun working at the Project!


Age: 35Yrs
Role: Animal Husbandry and Project's Chief Security
Marital Status: Married and with One Child.

            His wife is also a Small business owner. She too testified that her husband's job with the Project has indeed improved both her business growth plus their home kitchen budget in a great way! 

Regis' Husband, Velo, was the project contractor and led the construction on the Pigery. Now his Wife, Regis works on site and had this to say about Harvest Craft,  

"I thank God that Harvest Craft came to our Charlotte Community here in Les Cayes at the right time...for I was able to gladly pay-off all my debts, clear some outstanding College fees for both my Daughters and also pay my Son's high school fees with no strain this year, plus boost my wife's kitchen budget before she begun working at the Project now!”


Role: Animal Husbandry and Security.
Maritual Status: Married & with 3 children.

1.    Daphka - High School Senior.
2.    Dophson - Primary School - 6th Grader.
3.    Judson  Primary School - 1st Grader. 

His wife is a Small business owner is also apart of our Charlotte Microfinance women's group. She had this to say, 

" Since my husband begun working at the Project, we as a family have really benefitted immensely. Even my Small Business has improved because my husband has been boosting up my business' capital."

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