Haiti Hearts Coalition

A Fundraising Coalition of Non Profits:

Dedicated to the Empowerment of a Nation.

About the Coalition

For years, the Haiti Ministry of Mariners Church, Evolution Haiti, and Harvest Craft have been working independently and in cooperation to help pastors Joseph and Samuel realize their dreams for their churches, the 50+ children of the Glory Glory Center, their communities, and their country.

Today, each of these entities is committed to seeing Pastor Samuel’s vision for a self-sustaining, private school become a reality. Together, they’ve joined forces under the Haiti Hearts Fundraising Coalition banner to raise the $1,515,386 needed for the school’s completion.

Harvest Craft and the Coalition so Far...

Together, we have just initiated one of our "Without Walls" Community Development Projects with a community in the Charlotte Area. The Community Project consists of 12 Pigs and 5 employees. There is also an additional Micro-Finance component attached to this project that continues to impact the surrounding communities that are not directly employed or fed by the project.

We are super blessed by this team of like-minded organizations. Harvest Craft has a very open and excitable attitude to work with other NGOs and NPOs, because if we are all working towards the solution together, why not join forces and help champion the mission together! 

The Organizations Involved:

Evolution Haiti is a 501(c)(3) committed to providing financial, technical, and emotional support to those in Haiti working to empower the country’s youth for a better tomorrow. We support initiatives in education, job creation, leadership development, and health care for children living in Haiti’s Département du Sud (southern region).

Haiti Ministry of Mariners Church is one of eleven, volunteer-led global ministries operating as part of Mariners Outreach Ministries, which has been serving the local and global community for more than 30 years. Our Outreach Ministries are committed to doing ministry the way Jesus did and having the greatest Kingdom impact possible by mobilizing world-changers, providing hope for at-risk youth & families, and engaging a global movement.

Harvest Craft is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that seeks to equip, educate, and empower communities in developing countries through sustainable food production systems.

Donations made through any of the above non-profits will remain under that non-profit’s oversight until such time as it is wired directly to Organisation des Amis du Progrès in Haiti. There will be no transfer of funds stateside between any of these organizations.

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